Patience is
frequently a
learned attribute.  
Kids are one of
the best teachers.
Dr. Larry Meadors
Dr. Brock Coletti
Services we Provide
2300 W Everest Lane, Suite 125
Meridian, ID  83646

- Comprehensive preventive dental care for children
- Oral health management from the first tooth until late adolescence
- Treatment based upon assessment of disease risk and the        
development of the child
- Tooth Colored Fillings
- Digital X-rays - both intraoral and panoramic
- Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen anxiety management
- Comprehensive hospital dental care with child asleep for the very      
young and the very apprehensive child
- Dental care for children with special needs
- Growth and development guidance
- Dental care for children with very extensive cavities
- Tooth colored facings on crowns for front primary teeth
- Space maintenance
- Many others

A Word on "Braces"
Although Dr. Meadors has received training in comprehensive
orthodontia as part of his pediatric dentistry specialty, as a pediatric
dental specialist, he believes that those having specific specialty
training are the best to provide that specialty level of care.  He
provides guidance and will make appropriate referral for each child
based upon need and the child's level of development.  He cautions
parents that seeking "straight teeth" too early during a child's
development in many situations may actually be detrimental and result
in the child receiving treatment over a longer period of time,
requiring more phases, and wearing appliances over a much longer
period of time.  The same holds true for seeking orthodontic care too
late. Early "evaluation" is very important, but it is prudent to time
actual orthodontic intervention appropriately to meet the child's
specific needs in relation to their physical, dental, and emotional
Children's Dentistry
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