Kids are
what make
the world
go 'round!
(and 'round
and 'round
and 'round,
and sometimes
bounce up and
Practice Philosophy of providing Specialized Dentistry for Children

The ultimate goal of this practice is to set the stage for good oral
health of our patients that is life long.  We endeavor to help a child
to develop good oral habits, to be comfortable in seeking continued
preventive dental care and treatment, and to value the health of their
teeth.  To achieve these goals we:

- stress the importance of prevention, both in the dental
office and at home.  Prevention of disease is always
preferable to treating disease after it has developed;
- stress the importance of parental involvement in the oral
health of the child;
- do everything we can to make a child's dental visits as
pleasant as possible;
- encourage parents to accompany their child into the
treatment areas of our office;
- provide care in a compassionate manner that is tailored
to the needs of the individual child;
- individually tailor our treatment approach for each child               
based upon their level of development and the nature
of the treatment that is necessary.

We recognize that dentistry has the potential to be very unpleasant,  
especially for a young child who does not fully comprehend the reasons for
what needs to be accomplished.  It is for that reason that we strive to
accomplish dental care for our patients in a manner that does not undermine
a child's trust.  We know that every child is not going to "love going to the
dentist", but it is our goal to create that feeling in as many of our patients as
we can.
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Dr. Larry Meadors
Dr. Brock Coletti