Keep Your Kid's Smile Healthy

Bring their dental needs to The Kids Dentist and Orthodontics

It's never too early to help your kids take care of their teeth and gums. When their first tooth appears, it's time to look for a dentist that can help ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth. Let The Kids Dentist and Orthodontics help maintain their smile for years to come.

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Why early dental care is important

Taking care of your kid's teeth is essential for several reasons. Without proper care, your child can suffer from:

Give your child the gift of a healthy mouth and a relaxed dental experience. Come to The Kids Dentist and Orthodontics for complete dental care.

We accept most forms of insurance

Dental upkeep is important, but it can be expensive. You need a dentist that accepts a wide range of dental insurance. The Kids Dentist and Orthodontics accepts::

all insurance companies including state insurance

We also take lesser-known coverages-call the office to confirm that yours is on the list. Our office also provides CareCredit service.

Don't let the cost of care deter you from maintaining your child's oral health. Connect with us now to learn more about how you can afford dental care from The Kids Dentist and Orthodontics.